Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Welcome Baby Raja!

I'm happy to announce that Mr. V and I have a new addition to our family - a sweet kitten that we have named Raja!

We brought him home this past Sunday night, and he's already enjoying his new city view. My Mom rescued Raja on July 1 after he showed up on her porch at only a few weeks old, and she and my Dad lovingly cared for him ever since. We think he was born in mid-April, and at around four months old Raja is happy and thriving! His full name is Maharaja James, a little nod to Lebron James, one of Mr. V's favorite athletes. Maharaja means great Indian king, and it's a name I had always wanted to give our first kitten. Lebron's nickname is King James, hence it's the perfect moniker for our little guy. And fittingly, he is the total king of the castle already! I'm loving every single second with this baby...There is nothing better than soft tummy rubs, early morning kitten kisses, vigorous play sessions, and lots of cuddle sessions. We're so lucky to have him in our lives!

Image taken by me, with my iPhone.


  1. ahhh, what a lucky little boy to have such loving kitty "parents" . . .

  2. So cute! Can't wait to meet him!!!!


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