Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Travel Tales | A Day at Rokeby

Today I was lucky enough to be a guest in the mystical Rokeby mansion, a 43-room former Astor estate in the Hudson River Valley. At just shy of 200-years-old, the home stoically stands as a monument to its own inhabitants, past and present, with its insides collapsing time and intertwining histories. The house seems to live and breathe, its soul radiating from the relics, portraits, and people that fill each room...

I hope these images give a taste of how special and sacred the house feels. Its carefully collected objects and decadent wallpapers create beautiful rooms that add to the grandeur and mystique of Rokeby, a wonderful place that I certainly hope to visit again. You can read more and see images of Rokeby in this New York Times profile from 2010.

All images taken by me with my iPhone. 

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