Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vacation Days | Martha's Vineyard

Last week, Mr. V and I went to Martha's Vineyard to celebrate our friends' wedding, which was so beautiful. We made the trip into a four-day weekend, and spent the last two days exploring the island by rental car, seeing every town, beach, and lighthouse that we could find. It was amazing to be out of the city together for a little getaway, and here are some of the pictures from our adventure...

What a gorgeous, green, wild island! It was our first time there, and we both really loved it. It's definitely worth the visit!

All images taken by me with my iPhone. 


  1. Your pictures are stunning. Where did you take the one of the moon over the water?

    1. Hi Joan, Thank you! That image is actually of sun over the water after a storm, and I took it in West Chop, on the north side of the island. It was a beautiful place!

  2. Those are absolutely beautiful pictures! That wedding looked amazing, I love Martha's Vineyard. I used to go all the time as a child but haven't been in some time. I actually haven't been on vacation in general in awhile but after looking at your pictures you have inspired me to go online and check out some Martha's Vineyard vacation rental's. Thank you for sharing Geneva!


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