Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Perfect Course | Class with the Little Flower School

Last night's class with the Little Flower School was so much fun! Sarah and Nicolette are quite talented, and they perfectly balance being informative and suggestive while allowing all the students to make very individual arrangements. We had a beautiful bounty of blossoms and plants to choose from, and it was great being able to explore and work with several flowers that I never had previously...And it encouraged me to be more adventurous at the market!

I was most inspired by the young blueberries, chive blossoms, and lamb's ear, so I built my arrangement around those three elements. And, I had to add ranunculus blooms and peonies, two of my all-time favorites. (The purple color of my flowers in the image from class is much more true to the hue of the blossoms - the lighting in my apartment makes the arrangement appear much more pink than it is.) Flower class was fantastic, and I'm soaking up every bit of enjoyment out of this arrangement. I can't wait to try it again soon!

Image by me, taken with my iPhone.  

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