Monday, February 20, 2012

Stairway to Heaven

I have always loved entryways. They are the first glimpse you get into a house, and it's a wonderful area that sets the tone for the rest of the abode's architecture and design. Today, I realized that I have never lived anywhere with stairs...My childhood house is ranch-style, and during college and beyond I've always lived in apartments. Therefore, I'm even more obsessed with these gorgeous foyers, complete with grand staircases to welcome you into the home...

I'm definitely putting a beautiful stairway on the wish list for my dream house. The first and fifth images are particular favorites of mine...I could move right in to those spaces!

Images via Pinterest, Original Sources: Unknown.


  1. actually you did live in a very vertical house with a staircase which was perched on the edge of a cliff. To be fair you were freshly hatched and just don't remember! xo

  2. the second picture is my dream "Christmas in Connecticut" type house - love it!

  3. I named my youngest daughter juniper and we live in york. Just came across this blog and thought it was a pretty neat coincidence :)


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