Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cheerful Celebrations

Last night, Mr. V and I went to the wedding of our friends at The Green Building in Brooklyn. We had so much fun catching up with friends and enjoying their sweet vows (it was a tearjerker), delicious food, and the endlessly entertaining photo booth. The room and decor were gorgeous...Strings of lit orbs cascading over the window to create the altar, hanging brass chandeliers, exposed brick, and mason jars filled with tealights.

There were so many personal touches - the bride and groom grew up together in Minnesota, so her family brought pretty birch logs from their home state to line the aisle, and his mother sewed plaid fabric into napkins for each place setting. They thought of every little detail for their big night, and it was lovely. For their send off, we lit sparklers and cheered as the happy couple left the party - such a nice end to the evening!

Image taken by me with my iPhone.

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