Monday, September 26, 2011

Culinary Ideals

I think the thing that I miss the most about life outside the city is a big kitchen. My apartment has a galley-style kitchen that can comfortably fit one cook, but for two people it's just tight (which so many New Yorkers can understand!). As my collections of serveware and glassware grow, I dream of a huge room that can can happily fit me, my dinnerware, as well as all of my family and guests. And, while dreaming, whose cooking areas are more inspirational than Martha Stewart's...

Glass cabinets (like in image two) are at the top of my list for my future dream kitchen. I also love the open cabinetry that Martha uses throughout her homes, but that glass cabinet in her Bedford kitchen is swoon-worthy. Also, the custom nooks and crannies that create practical storage that can be accessed at a moment's notice would be a welcome addition to any house. Not to mention that all of the spaces are bathed in grey and white, my favorite color scheme!

All images from Martha's homes and show set via, Designs by Martha Stewart.

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