Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fabulous Florals | Saipua

Today, my colleague Lisa introduced me to the flower designs of Saipua, a Brooklyn-based florist and soap maker, and I can't stop pouring over their beautiful designs, such as this one...

Saipua specializes in the most exquisite creations, each of which have a wonderfully organic look. Sarah Ryhanen, the shop's owner and a former art curator, also runs the Little Flower School with Nicolette Owen, who used to work for Domino. The duo was the subject of a feature in The New York Times in 2010 about flower arranging coming back into fashion as a younger, hipper art form - and it's certainly true! It's a skill I would love to master, and I definitely plan on signing up for a class at the Little Flower School in the near future.

Image via Saipua.

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