Monday, January 16, 2012

A Lovely Monday

Today, Mr. V and I got the luck of spending an extra day together, as he had off work for Martin Luther King Day (normally, as I work Saturdays, we only get one day - Sundays - together). We decided to celebrate this rare occurrence with a date, and headed uptown to see All, Maurizio Cattelan's retrospective at the Guggenheim, which ends this week.

Cattelan's show consists of 128 works, all suspended in the rotunda of the museum. With nothing on the walls, this creative hanging skirts the installation issues that continually plague this curved museum...

While I was a bit skeptical about the gimmicky nature of this exhibition (and I totally agree with Roberta's review), I have to say that it was quite fun! It was nice to look at art in a different fashion, as well as to see the objects from all angles. That being said, it really is all about the spectacle of the installation, which in this case I think benefits Cattelan, whose practice has very uneven moments.

We also took some time to enjoy the quieter moments of the museum. The walls and stools that are normally filled stood empty, as the visitors clung to the banisters, craning their necks to see each and every part of the many works on display...

After this fun visit, we headed down to "Curry Hill" and had a fantastic dinner at Tamba. It was so nice to spend this extra time with Mr. V, the sweetest man and best partner I could imagine.

I'm so grateful for today.

All images taken by me with my iPhone.

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