Sunday, January 8, 2012

Enjoying Life

Happy weekend, everyone! Last night, Mr. V very sweetly organized a belated birthday dinner and drinks for me, which was so much fun and really meant a lot. We were joined by our great friends and went to Highlands, a gastropub in the West Village that serves the most delicious food. I had the Scottish salmon with corn purée, sautéed rocket and roasted red pepper, while Mr. V and a few others devoured the truffle risotto with spring onion and parmesan. Yum!

Today I'm lying low after a (long) night out, and dreaming of relaxing in a tranquil setting like the one above, designed by Ruthie Sommers. How beautiful is this walled backyard? The variations in the brick add fantastic texture and color to the space. I'd love to hop on to that hammock and swing the day away...

Image from Lonny July/August 2011, Photographer: Patrick Cline.

1 comment:

  1. Seriously lovely. The dream to have a space like this gets even stronger when ya live in New York, eh? {and when it's winter!!} Oh how I wish I had outdoors!


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