Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas in Connecticut

Every December, my Mom and I watch Christmas in Connecticut, our most favorite holiday movie, at least twice. Released in 1945, the film tells the story of Elizabeth Lane, a beautiful, successful food writer in New York. She writes a magazine column about her family and her domestic exploits in the country, while in reality she is a single woman living in Manhattan who cannot cook. When her boss invites both a war hero and himself to her home for Christmas, Elizabeth attempts to cover her lie by jumping into the role of the perfect housewife.

This movie is a sumptuous visual feast with gorgeous snow-covered scenery, classically stylish clothing, and a perfectly designed home in which the entire movie takes place....I will always dream of living in this house! The film is such a sweet love story and a very uplifting, cozy tale.

I hope you are happily preparing for the holidays with the people you love!

All images are stills from Warner Brothers' Christmas in Connecticut, 1945.

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