Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Morning After All Hallow's Eve

As I look out my window watching the barricades and decorations from last night's Village Halloween parade being dismantled, I couldn't help but wonder...Could you live with macabre decor all year round?

Cindy Greene, cofounder of Libertine, has an East Village apartment spotted with skulls and a sculpture of a knife plunging through a heart (a work by Damien Hirst), adding an ominous feeling to the space. And while the real ones admittedly freak me out a bit, I did buy a brass skull from D.L. & Co. this Halloween that I'm going to have a hard time putting away just yet...

Image one via The Selby, Photographer: Todd Selby; Image two via Domino, Photographer: Douglas Friedman.

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