Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fortune Favors the Bold

I must say, I am utterly obsessed with the play Sleep No More, and truly cannot wait to go back. The dancing, the acting, the setting, the interactions...All in all, it's a completely encapsulating, transformative experience. The Hitchcockian, Shakespearean, 1930s film noir set creates the ideal ambiance for the haunting, bloody, voyeuristic and beautiful production. Not to mention, for design lovers, an obsessive attention to detail was used to create the amazing environment, and you have complete reign to rummage though antique trunks, drawers, letters in over 100 rooms...An explorer's delight!

I can't wait to spend another night at the McKittrick Hotel!

Images via Emursive, Punchdrunk Theater, and New York Times.

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