Friday, September 30, 2011

Gilded Accents

A beautiful gold mirror anchors each one of these rooms, statuesquely presiding over the spaces from a perch above a mantel or console table.

Paired with bright white walls, hints of black, and warm wooden furniture, the mirrors add the final touch that provides both warmth and glamour. The details in each room are also wonderful, and the spaces feel lovingly and purposefully collected over time. Très chic!

Image one via Canadian House and Home August 2009, Designed by Jennifer Ferreira, Photographer: Virginia MacDonald; Image two via Canadian House and Home November 2009, Photographer: Monica Richard; Image three of François Halard's mantel, Photographer: François Halard.


  1. Love gilded accents! Please feel free to link back to us at

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  2. Hi Seema! Thanks so much for reading. H&H is now linked!

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  3. Hi, writing from Istanbul. Loved your blog:) thanks


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